Planting Seeds of Passion!

 “The ability to see the metaphors in the old tales opens us to the richness of everything around us. The whole world turns into a holy picture. We can become aware of a dimension of significance in the ordinary that is nothing short of radiant.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Feb 2 is Imbolc and Brigid’s day….


Welcome, Goddess of Early Spring, Brigid, the Queen of Heaven! Brigid is the greatest of the Celtic divinities: She connects us to the land. Protector of wells and springs, She is the guardian of Nature, and Agriculture. A fertility Goddess, Brigid is the patron of Poets, Artists, and all of us who Create! Tender of the Fields & our Passion to Make Beauty!

When Brigid slipped into the world, a tower of flame rose from the top of her head to the heavens. Goddess of the hearth and the forge, Brigid also guards those who work with metal.

Brigid inspires us to tend our Creativity! Our gifts of expression are only on loan! Brigid reminds us to stay in Gratitude and to be good custodians of our artistic talents!

Brigid’s fire inspires us to cultivate passion in our work and find balance ~ to have vitality without being consumed.

The plume of fire radiating from Brigid’s head connects her to the life of the mind. Patron of scholars and colleges, She teaches that learning is a form of Service to the Divine. She is the Protector of Travelers: both those who explore new terrains and those seekers on inner journeys.

Brigid is said to have invented the fervent Irish mourning wail: keening. Her presence resides in the Faerie Spirits whose keening can be heard at night in times of grief.  

She reminds us to respect our losses. To be New…is often to lose something as well…

One traditional practice on Her day is to put baked goods out on the doorstep. They are called Cakes for the Queen of Heaven. These offerings were often eaten by hungry travelers in Her name.

Let’s honor this custom by giving money to the homeless for something to eat on Imbolc. Find a way to share your Gifts today! We who are blessed in life are called upon to practice Service to others!

So, let us begin….at NOW… February,  the Celtic 2nd lunation: Mountain Ash ..Rowan Moon, the Celtic month sacred to the Ash, the quickening of the year, her healing powers that sustain and extends life, her bird, the duck, her color clear, like glass…A time of clear vision into the other world…February, whose gem is amethyst … Ice Moon, Storm Moon, Pathfinder Moon, Horning Moon, Hunger Moon, Wild Moon, Red and Cleansing Moon, Quickening Moon, Solmonath (Sun Moon), Big Winter Moon, Snow Moon, Bony Moon…Today is Brigid’s Day: (pronounced “Breed”)  Goddess of Poetry, Smithing and /firecraft and healing, she is the Triple Goddess as radiant Virgin Bride, transformed from Winter Crone,  Imbolc, Candlemas eve….the begin of Spring’s rekindling…when sap runs in the trees, and buds form…seeds stir in the ground, in our hearts…we have shifted, in the year’s tuning, towards Light, and the Outward Expression of our Gifts…Waning moon this  February 1, in Libra ruled by Venus, a day to celebrate our role as BeautyMakers, and be at Home in the cosmos….A time to make our tools and implements of our practice lovely…. Sun in Wild Mind Aquarius..…! The Journey has Begun!!